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Yury Kolotovichev told about restoration of the Beryozovskaya TPS

Created: SODIS Lab — Nov 13, 2021 11:09:24 AM

restoration of the Beryozovskaya TPS

SODIS Lab took part in the international conference Modelling and Methods of Structural Analysis an event that was held on November 11–13, 2021. Scientific Director of SODIS Lab Yury Kolotovichev spoke about the restoration of Beryozovskaya TPS using automated monitoring data.

Conference Modelling and Methods of Structural Analysis is meant to unite researchers, professional experts, professors, and academic staff as well as a wide range of participants of the professional community of the Russian Federation and other countries concerned.

During the event, discussions were held on the implementation of computer and mathematical modeling and structural analysis based on advanced scientific methods. The participants discussed innovative ideas and approaches to solving the problems of safety, reliability, and efficiency of buildings and structures.

Yury Kolotovichev spoke about the approach to eliminating uncertainties during the repair of Beryozovskaya TPS using the latest monitoring technologies and computer modeling. The speaker paid special attention to ensuring safety at the facility using automatic monitoring data.

During the restoration work, the building of power unit N3 at Beryozovskaya TPS was equipped with a system for monitoring the deformation state of load-bearing structures developed by SODIS Lab. The structural monitoring system operates at the facility based on the SODIS Building M software with support for the BIM model of the building, displaying in real-time all information about the equipment installed on the structures and any possible deformations and damages.

As Yury Kolotovichev said the finite element model of the damaged building was being updated periodically for 18 months when the active phase of the dismantling works was held. The updating took into account the accumulated monitoring data to confirm that performing restoration work is safe enough.

SODIS Lab is the leader in the domain of structures and buildings security and SHM systems development in Russia and is widely known internationally as a result of its participation in SOCHI-2014 venues design. SODIS Lab is one of the first participants of the Skolkovo foundation project.


Author: SODIS Lab