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Digital twin and effective maintenance




For What?

Modern buildings are becoming more and more complex.

Maintenance is becoming more difficult and complex every year and increasingly affect related tasks. That is why it is important when choosing an operating system to focus not only on today's current needs, but to lay an effective platform and foundation for solving future problems.


New Tools.
More Results.

Connection between BIM model and elements, works, plans


Color indication of problem areas


Display object on the mapand connect cameras to control the object


One place to store all data about movable and immovable property

Equipment accounting

Quick access to information about equipment and facilities by using QR codes

Organization of technical support services (Service Desk)

Planning work orders andaccounting for unscheduled work orders

Monitoring over preventive maintenance work

Material accounting

Work with premises

Vehicle accounting

Work with tenants

Document flow automatization

Automatization of works with tenders

Visual customization and editing of business processes

Digital control SLA

Mobile application

Interface of maintenance service

By choosing SODIS Building FM platform, you are laying a solid foundation for solving today's and tomorrow’s tasks.


Interface of control service

SODIS Building FM platform allows to create a digital twin of the building and flexibly configure digital interfaces for its maintenance.

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What will our client get?

SODIS Building FM


SODIS Building platform

  • The current state of structures and engineering systems online
  • Planning of routine maintenance and control of their implementation
  • Online building performance assessment
  • Online forecastof structures and engineering system
  • Fixation of emergency situationand control over their elimination


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