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SODIS Building M

Structural health monitoring system

SODIS Lab’s flagship product brings a whole new safety level to the construction and maintenance processes. More than 500 structures are equipped with the SODIS Building M monitoring system. Those structures include the famous Russian skyscrapers, Sochi 2014 Olympic venues, FIFA 2018 World Cup, the largest industrial buildings, and significant cultural heritage sites.

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sodis building shm

SODIS Building FM

Digital twin and efficient property management system

This solution covers the technological construction trends, investment and operating companies’ desires. The system consolidates management processes, document management, joint work on projects and tasks, communication with contractors, and all elements of the buildings’ maintenance in one place. SODIS Building FM provides continuous online monitoring of equipment and engineering systems and allows the users to make decisions quickly. 

The solution supports a high capacity of facility performance, extends its lifecycle, and increases operation services production.

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sodis building fm


Monitoring bearing structures and engineering systems of complex construction projects at the design, construction, and maintenance stages.


High-rise buildings

Unique systems developed by SODIS Lab in action.

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Lakhta center

A multifunctional public and business complex on the shores of the Gulf of Finland within the boundaries of St. Petersburg is the highest skyscraper in Europe.


Moscow City

Skyscrapers of the international business center in Moscow. Monitoring systems developed by SODIS Lab have been successfully implemented and are being used.


Quality and safety management of construction processes, reconstruction, and operation of buildings and crowded places


Fisht Olympic Stadium

One of the most important sports facilities in the history of Russia. To ensure competent control during construction and future renovations, the SODIS Building system was implemented and used.


Luzhniki Stadium

"Luzhniki" is one of the most legendary and largest stadiums in Russia. SODIS Lab has designed and supplied equipment for structural monitoring and engineering systems.



Sochi-2014, FIFA-2018 and other sports facilities are equipped with SODIS Lab systems

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Industrial facilities control based on online monitoring systems, BIM modeling technologies, and a digital twin


Industrial buildings

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Beryozovskaya TPS

Beryozovskaya TPS is the most productive thermal power station in the Krasnoyarsk region.


Taishet Anode Plant

SODIS Building structural monitoring system was deployed on this factory.


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