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Lakhta Center

"Lakhta Center" became a large scale public and office project in Primorskiy district of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


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The Complex is comprised of supertall Tower, Multifunctional Building and the Arch with long span structures integrated with stylobate part. A number of innovation technologies and design solutions have been applied during the construction of the project.

According to the Building Codes and Regulations, to improve structural safety during the construction and maintenance periods, permanent structural health monitoring (SHM) program has been developed.

The main objective of SHM is to minimize structural failure risks due to uncertainties in soil and structural materials behavior.

General information about design and organizational arrangements for deploying automated structural and geotechnical health monitoring system of the «Lakhta Tower» is provided in the following paper. SHM architecture and topology, applied instrumentation, measurement methodology, software and monitoring parameters of the structure are described.

The article presents the results of the Tower structural behavior monitoring during the construction period. The correlation between the measured and the predicted Tower structure performance was analyzed and found in good agreement. A few anomalies were identified and investigated.

The focus is made to the informational value of the monitoring data for the increasing of soil, foundation and structure FE-modelling quality for construction accompaniment purposes.

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