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Digital twin & facility management


System of the electronic building maintenance is a system with a virtual analog of the building, which is currently under construction. It includes all of the technical documentation for every building element, history behind each and every one of these elements. Furthermore it also  includes information about who and when have installed it, and when every specific element  should be serviced.

The Result of the implementation of the electronic building maintenance system:

  • Increase the speed of decision making
  • Reduction of the risks during the facility operation
  • Optimization of expenses for the building maintenance and operations
  • Increase the amount of the capitalization of the management companies
  • Increase the attraction of the facilities for the investors and tenants

Key abilities

  • Management оf the several territorially dispersed objects (maintenance, operation repair)
  • Management of the registers of real estate objects with the full storage of the technical characteristic of the real estate objects
  • Formation of information about all structural elements and premises of the construction
  • Full control over the execution of the capital and current repair (terms of work execution, acts of all work, that has been done, contractual agreements, design and estimate documentation and etc.)
  • Monitoring of contractual relationships and ability to see all costs for all types of work
  • Interaction with owners, tenants, contractors (regard all the type a questions, like: activity planning, building maintenance and construction’s repairs, contract issues, any type of request and etc.)
  • Operational processing of orders for service and formation of orders on their basis
  • Monitoring of the setting for the scheduled work service (technical services, periodic work , etc.)
  • Full access to the BIM model for the operational tasks (access to the documentation, project work production and etc.) with the usage of either browser or application without the usage of extra software

SODIS Lab provides services on the integrated implementation of the electronic building maintenance system Lement Pro.