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Color indication of problem areas

Highlighting problem areas with colors to attract attention. For example, a detected malfunction or an overdue repair task.

Highlighting problem areas

Display object on the map and connect cameras to control the object

Display object on the map

Connection between BIM model and elements, works, plans

  • All elements (premises, actives, inventory), that connected to the object in anyway can be displayed on BIM model
  • Ability to obtain full information about the object status and any element based on the BIM model (whether work is underway, are the premises occupied, the condition of equipment and building, elements etc.

One place to store all data about movable and immovable property

  • Storage of information about facilities in a single databas
  • View information associated with the maintenance objects in a single system
  • Display of maintenance objects, drawings and plans in BIM format.
store all data about movable and immovable property

Equipment accounting

  • Information storage about the engineering equipment of all objects in a single system.
  • Full control over all equipment (commissioning date, location, warranty, documentation, condition).
  • Display equipment status on the BIM model.
Equipment accounting

Quick access to information about equipment and facilities by using QR codes


Organization of technical support services (Service Desk)

  • Filing and receiving applications for repair work via the Internet and Intranet; creation of call-center
  • Operational processing of maintenance requests and creation of tasks upon those requests
  • Management of geographically distributed objects, property, equipment
  • Monitoring over contractual relationships and costs for all types of work
  • Interaction with owners, tenants, contractors (regarding building maintenance building or repair, on contractual issues, on applications etc.

service desk

Digital control SLA

Automatic control over execution in accordance with SLA policies


Automation of work with requests

  • Acceptance of requests for rent, maintenance or repair from the website.
  • Creation of templates for automatic registration of standard requests.
  • Automatic task creation, appointment of responsible, supervisors, participants and work terms, according to the received information. For example, creation of work order.
  • Monitoring and accounting for the requests execution.
  • Creation of templates for the automatic generation of requests in a standard form.

Monitoring over preventive maintenance work

  • The formation of a preventive cycle maintenance and task creation in the necessary time frames: week, decade, month, quarter, year.
  • Ability to import and export work plan from MS Project.
  • Automatic link of the work plan to certain elements of the BIM model
Monitoring over preventive maintenance work

Complex digital and visual monitoring of the repair works schedule

  • Every item of preventive maintenance is a independent task in the system (in the project of a specific maintaining object), with an appointed responsible executor, a certain amount of work and deadlines.
  • Import and export of work plan from MS Project.
  • Automatic link between work plan and сertain elements of BIM model
repair works schedule

Planning work orders andaccounting for unscheduled work orders

  • Creation of work orders according to a standard template.
  • Link between work orders and tasks/materials.
  • Control over work order completion.
Planning work orders

Material accounting

  • Information storage regarding materials and equipment in the company
  • Linking materials with objects / tasks / projects.
  • Full control over materials amount
  • Automatic supplies accounting
Material accounting

Vehicle accounting

  • Ability to link cars to the object.
  • Ability to create different types of accounting depending on the type of transport.
Vehicle accounting

Work with premises

  • Information storage about all premises that are parts of the facility.
  • Ability to control, monitor and receive information about current status of premises.
  • Ability to access premise and receive information about it through BIM model or premise drawing.
  • Fast and simple access to the documentation, that connected to premise

Work with tenants

  • Easy premise reservation for a potential tenant.
  • Registration of new tenant in premise.
  • Development of documentation for the tenant according to the given templates.
  • Downloading all the necessary information to the MS Excel.

Automatization of works with tenders

  • Organization of any tender type.
  • Automatic distribution of information when creating a new tender.
  • Sending a tender to suppliers and contractors if company worked with them earlier
  • Connection between tender and required project

Visual customization and editing of business processes

  • System will automatically create task and send them to responsible people, generate documents, send them for approval and sighing
  • The processes can be launched by the user, by the configured timer (for example, every month) or by a specific event.

  • Convenient use of ready-made templates for business processes.
  • Easy and convenient graphic editor.
business processes

Document flow automatization

  • Document flow.
  • Ability to generate documents according to the templates.
  • Electronic archive with access to any archived documentation within the framework of rights and authorities.
Document flow

Mobile application

  • Easy way to access tasks and projects via mobile.
  • Operative notification Tool. Instant Push Notifications.
  • Free application — without taking into accountthe number of system users.


mobile app

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