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House of Culture

GES-2 House of Culture

GES-2 House of Culture is located in the building of a former power plant on Bolotnaya Embankment in Moscow. Reconstruction of the facility began in 2017, designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano.

At the first stage of reconstruction, the facility was cleared of extensions. Specialists restored the original layout and modernized the building. Structures were also reinforced in the building, but the appearance of load-bearing metal structures, vaults, historical staircases, and stair railings was preserved.

In the fall of 2021, the museum of modern art opened in the GES-2 building, which provides space for concerts and theatrical productions, exhibition halls, and workshops for artists, a library, bookstores, cafes, and an auditorium for 350 seats. The area of the facility, together with underground parking, reaches 30,7 thousand square meters. It is anticipated that the museum will be able to receive about 750 thousand visitors a year.


SODIS Lab has installed structural monitoring systems. The customer was the Stroi Techno Engineering company. The facility has a network of sensors, which includes 46 tiltmeters, 7 accelerometers, and 96 strain gauges connected to the online platform SODIS Building M. Sensors are used to monitor the technical condition of elements of building structures.

SODIS Lab has also developed a building information model (BIM) of load-bearing structures and measuring equipment of the GES-2. The information model contains data on the design solutions of the facility and operational documentation concerning the installed equipment.


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