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Amursky Park

Residential complex by construction technology company PIK Group, Moscow


The PIK Group is in the process of building the Amursky Park residential complex in the Moscow region of Golyanovo. This is a joint project of PIK and Capital Group, the developers received a building permit in May 2020. The project involves the construction of over 400,000 square meters of residential property.

The Amursky Park is building with experimental construction methods that had never before been used in Russia. We are talking about a new design for frameless panel residential buildings. Of course, we have lots of 100+ buildings, but most of them have a frame (steel, monolithic, etc.).

Construction of the frameless panel 100-meter-tall building would need to be carefully monitored in order to make sure that the calculations made during the planning stages are held up on the job site. Because of the apartment building’s experimental construction, the client needed a monitoring system that would produce data to test and refine the mathematical model used in its design, as well as to alert the team to any potential stability problems before they occurred.

During the construction of the building, SODIS Lab installed a network of strain gauges in reinforced concrete panels to ensure safety and confirm the correctness of design calculations. The sensors were installed at the factory during the production of panels.

The major task was to start gathering the data from sensors in panels as early as possible. The sensors should be connected to the data collection system immediately after the next level floor will be installed.

Online monitoring revealed gaps or incorrect estimations in the existing mathematical model. The most important was the rigidity of the panel joint platform and the estimation of temperature effects.

The installed online monitoring system SODIS Building M made it possible to check the calculations of engineers in practice and, if necessary, adjust the design solutions.