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SODIS Document Management

Document management system


SODIS Document Management system allows to automate business processes and organize joint work of employees at any company.


The solution enables users to set up routes for document approval between responsible employees, create tasks and maintain a project database. Automation of processes is performed following the internal regulations of the company.


Who it's for

SODIS Document Management is suitable for implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises with active internal document flow and a multi-level structure.


How it works

The system use standard processes:

  • accounting of internal and external correspondence;
  • controlling tasks execution and implementation of projects;
  • creation and approval of commercial offers and contracts;
  • accounts documents registration;
  • creation and approval of service notes;
  • internal documents accounting (orders, instructions, powers of attorney);
  • document archive management.

User categories:

  • top management of the company;
  • secretaries;
  • project managers;
  • HR specialists.
SODIS Document Management allows you to set up routes for document approval between employees, form tasks, and maintain a database of projects. Users start processes that are configured and automated following the internal regulations of the company.

System opportunities

Correspondence management

The program allows you to keep registers of internal and external correspondence. When registering an incoming letter, the system automatically generates a task for the manager: to form and fill a document of resolution. After the task of creating a resolution is closed, the responsible person has a corresponding task with a full amount of all the necessary information to solve the task (documents, responsible people, deadlines).

Учёт корреспонденции в SODIS DM


маршрут согласования договора SODIS DM


Contracts approval

The system uses certain approval routes for contracts. The user creates a draft contract card and sends the document to a responsible person. After passing all the necessary approval procedures, the contract goes to the counterparty for signing and then is returned to the responsible person for final registration in the database. The program provides for the ability to work with different types of contracts, additional agreements, and commercial offers.


Task management

The solution allows managers to track any automated processes and actions of system users. The software uses smart folders that can customize to structure the data the way you need. Data for reports on the implementation of projects are automatically generated in a separate folder in Microsoft Excel format.

управление задачами SODIS DM



SODIS Document Management benefits

Using electronic document management

Transparent documents flow

Electronic archive

Convenient instruments for document search

Digital platform for organizing collaboration work

Generating reports

SODIS Document Management


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